Acupuncture Research Fact Sheets

The British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) has produced the following fact sheets to provide information for a variety of conditions.

These fact sheets provide research summaries of how acupuncture may be beneficial with the aim of presenting accurate and unbiased information. Please select the condition of interest below to download the PDF research summary. (Please note these fact sheets are currently being updated as from September 2018, more up to date research summaries can be found at the BAcC research digest.

Research into acupuncture as a medical treatment has grown exponentially in the past 20 years, increasing at twice the rate of research into conventional biomedicine. Over this period, there have been over 13,000 studies conducted in 60 countries, including hundreds of meta-analyses summarizing the results of thousands of human and animal studies. has also produced an excellent review and analysis of reports on controlled clinical trials that is up to date and worth reading. Visit here.

Please feel free to contact the clinic directly if you have any further questions or wish to discuss whether acupuncture is suitable for you.