Acupuncture Headaches

Headache is a common symptom. Almost everybody will have had one at some point in his or her lives. There are numerous types of common headaches such as tension-type headaches, migraine headaches, cluster headaches and hormone headaches. These headaches are characterised by their symptoms and behaviour. 

Types of Headaches we treat

We specialise in the treatment of the following headaches using, acupuncture or osteopathy with basic exercises:

  • Migraines  (pain relief and prevention)
  • Tension type headaches (pain relief and prevention)
  • Cervicogenic type headaches  (treatment)

Most of our patients have previously been diagnosed by their G.P and self manage their symptoms with analgesics and lifestyle choices.

A thorough subjective and objective examination and will be taken prior to commencing treatment in order to have a correct diagnosis. We will always refer you to your G.P if we feel it is necessary for further investigations or a second opinion.

Traditional Acupuncture view on Headaches

Traditional Acupuncture treatment and diagnosis is based on philosophical Models such as the meridian system, and Zang Fu (organs), Five elements.

Headaches where viewed as the disruption to the flow of Qi in the meridians (encompassing the myo-fascial and neuro-vascular systems) and/or Zang Fu  (our visceral organs)

For example in the case of migraines symptoms may include a throbbing headache found at the temples or behind the eye. This would have traditionally been referred to as an excess of Qi or energy in the liver meridian which can potentially affect other meridians. These observational patterns can be described and seen very clearly in the five elements and meridian theory models.  The liver meridian passes through the stomach, which can account for the nausea often associated with this type of headache. 

An acupuncture study “Acupuncture for chronic headache in primary care: large, pragmatic, randomised trial” published in the British Medical Journal (click here) found that acupuncture leads to ‘persisting relevant benefits for primary-care patients with chronic headache, particularly with migraine.’ The study also revealed that acupuncture had long lasting effects, where severity of headaches were reduced nine months after acupuncture treatment had been stopped.