Male fertility: Case History

Presenting complaint: A 36-year-old male came to the clinic with a very low sperm count and had been trying for a baby with his partner. He had no other health conditions other than Asthma as a child and mild lower back pain. With occasional urination required at night.

Indicating: Kidney, Bladder and lower Jiao pathology

Tongue diagnosis: his tongue had little coating and was slightly red, with a yellow coating at the rear.

Indicating: Yin deficiency, with false heat and damp heat in the lower Jiao or lower half of the body. I.e. damp heat in sexual relevant organs.

Pulse diagnosis: His overall pulse quality was superficial with softness. The pulse corresponding to the Kidney was very weak.

Indicating: general damp heat with a Kidney deficiency

Diagnosis: Kidney yin deficiency with damp heat invading the lower Jiao

Treatment: A course of Acupuncture was administered over 10 weeks to build kidney energy and to resolve and eliminate damp heat respectively.

Result: Over the 10 weeks there had been significant changes in both the tongue and pulses. His sperm count had improved by over a massive 500%, and he had no further back pain. He has now had a child.

Female infertility: Case History

Presenting complaint: Female age 35 presented with unexplained infertility with her partner and had been trying for a child over five years. Acupuncture was there last hope before thinking of adoption. Had a history of cystitis, poor bowel movement was and emotionally drained. Also suffered with heartburn.

Tongue diagnosis: Had no coating, scalloped sides, and slight purple coloured body.
Indicating: Yin deficiency, spleen deficiency or excess damp, with some kind of stagnation.

Pulse diagnosis: Her overall pulse had a wiry quality; Stomach and Spleen pulses were deficient. The pulse also lacked root.

Indicating: liver disharmony, stomach and spleen qi deficiency, with weak jing.

Diagnosis: liver qi stagnation invading Stomach and Spleen, causing a deficiency in earth. This caused The Kidneys to be over worked leading to yin deficiency.

For female fertility it is paramount that the energy of the Spleen, Kidney and liver all in good condition. These meridians run through the uterus and ovaries maintaining optimum functionality.

As liver meridian passes through the bowels and stomach stagnation in this can cause symptoms of constipation and heartburn. Due to the weakness in earth the body is susceptible to dampness. Cystitis can be viewed as excessive damp, which then sinks and accumulates in the lower Jiao.

Treatment: The focus of treatment was to clear the liver stagnation, resolve excessive damp and support earth energy. This would take the pressure off the kidney energy.

Result: After treatment she fell pregnant and she now has a beautiful baby. She continues to have acupuncture and has far fewer episodes of cystitis. Although she still suffers with occasional constipation it has much improved.