Neck Pain

Exeter neck painNeck pain or stiffness is a very common problem and often goes on its own accord after around two days.

This may be due to sleeping awkwardly spending prolonged periods of time carrying out a task such as sitting at the computer, painting.

If your neck pain or stiffness persists for longer than two days and is worrying you, it is worth getting it examined.

Our experienced team always carry out a thorough case history followed by systemic, orthopaedic and postural examinations to assist in identifying the cause of your pain, enabling us to to give you the best advice, support, treatment or referral.

For updated research on how acupuncture or osteopathy can help neck pain, please read the recent research section below. 

common Causes

Common causes of neck pain can include:

Cervical spondylosis -The prevalence of this increases after the age of 50. This involves degenerative changes to the  articular surfaces  and to the joint margins and subchontral bone.

Cervical Facet irritation -It is estimated that 26 to 65% of neck pain complaints have a facet component (Vizniak 2009). This caused by irritation or damage to the zygapophyseal joints within the neck.

Cervical radiculopathy  -This is a disorder where the nerves exiting the neck can become irritated leading to various neurological referred findings such as pain or tingling etc.

Sprain or Strain -This involves damage to the ligaments or muscles of the neck usually by some kind of trauma.

Cervicogenic headaches - these are headaches originating from the cervical spine and occipital region.

Tension Headaches -These are intermittent headaches associated muscular origin, trigger points and other myofascial pain syndromes.

Our team are always happy to help or give advice, if your neck pain is worrying you please feel free to call for advice. Do not forget we always offer a FREE 30 Minute Consultation to all, with no obligations.