Acupuncture for Functional Constipation

Functional constipation & Acupuncture

A recent review study into the use of electro acupuncture (EA) for treatment of the medical condition Functional Constipation (FC) was published in the BMJ in 2017. This joint review was carried out in 2016 by Sheng-Li Zhou, Xiu-Lai Zhang and Jing-Hua Wang from The Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang, University College of Medicine, China. Earlier systematic reviews have failed … Read More

What your tongue can reveal about your health

The tongue is rather like a road map of what is going on in your body, it holds information about both your physical and emotional health. Let’s look at it in a little bit more detail.       Anatomy  – The tongue is a muscular organ covered in soft, pink tissue, the mucosa. Tiny bumps on the surface of the … Read More