“My first experience of acupuncture came from positive results and recommendations from several work colleagues who had been to see John and without exception were full of praise for his professionalism and ability to resolve their individual issues. I too have regained my mobility following several very successful visits and should I have any more problems he will be the first person I will call I can highly recommend anyone to consider speaking to John and let him ‘work his magic’ Many thanks John.”

James L – Exeter


“Having acupuncture with Lisa from ‘Redlands’ has been extremely beneficial to my overall health, it has made a world of difference to my energy levels (CFS), has made my IBS (constant discomfort for 12 years+) a thing of the past and also been a huge help with recurrent migraines. I have found Lisa to be friendly and caring, yet very professional and extemely knowledgeable and I have no hesitation in recommending Lisa and Redlands to anyone considering acupuncture.”

Jude F-S – Exeter


“Lisa is an extremely professional, compassionate & intuitive acupuncturist.  She has a thorough and dedicated approach to achieving optimum health for all her clients.
Acupuncture has helped is me to overcome low vitality and mood imbalance, restoring healthy energy levels and a great overall sense of well-being.”

Emma C – Exeter


“After suffering for a number of weeks with upper back and shoulder pain I visited Redlands for treatment. John Parry was highly professional and knowledgable and spent time discussing the possible causes of the pain through understanding my day-to-day routines. John very quickly established that poor posture was most likely causing muscular problems and the resulting massage and manipulation of the area has, within a week, hugley improved my shoulder and no longer affects my day to day activities. As well as the treatment given directly by John, the overall service included him teaching me a number of stretches and exercises to practice at home which has helped my shoulder heal and strengthen as well as improve my awareness of my own posture.I am aware that the clinic offer a large range of treatments for a large range of health issues and I would highly recommend anyone with any muscular aches and pains to visit Redlands Acupuncture & Osteopath Clinic – no doubt the cause of the problem will be quickly identified and the treatment greatly effective.”

J Delve – Exeter


“I went for acupuncture with Lisa due to recurrent low iron levels and feelings of being generally exhausted and worn out. Over time my iron levels increased and remained within normal limits which was something I had previously found difficult to maintain.  I was quite surprised at what an impact the acupuncture seemed to have on not only what I had gone for initially but also my sense of general wellbeing.  My energy levels improved dramatically, I felt much better in myself and would leave every treatment with a great sense of calm!  I found Lisa to be professional, friendly and caring, and always felt reassured that she seemed to know exactly what I needed from treatment.  Although I have resolved the issues which originally prompted me to have acupuncture I still go back for a ‘top-up’ every so often just because I always feel it does me so much good.  Thank you Lisa.”

HB – Exeter